Couples Counselling in Newport

Relationship counselling

The majority of relationships, marriages, civil partnerships (if not all), experience challenges at one point or another. These difficulties tend to be worked through and resolved without external help. However, you may currently be finding it very difficult to resolve some of the issues in your own relationship and feel at a loss in finding a way forward.  Perhaps you find that arguing is a common occurrence and that you feel frustrated, angry or hostility towards your partner. Alternatively, a lack of connection within the relationship can bring up feelings of rejection or isolation. Perhaps, a lack of communication and silence consumes the relationship. Conflict in relationships can go around in circles which may leave each person digging further into their positions and feeling there is no common ground to resolve the issues. Couples counselling or relationship counselling may be your next step to assist the relationship to move through the difficulty.  


While this list is not exhaustive, these are some of the issues that can impact on relationships and may be worked with in couple counselling:

  • Change in working conditions
  • Bereavement or loss
  • Financial difficulties
  • In-laws
  • New baby
  • An affair
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Trust issues
  • Limited communication
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Attempts to control
  • Internet addiction

What's involved?

There are a number of aspects to couples counselling. One of the main aims is to initially provide a safe environment to enable you to express your concerns in a constructive manner. To make the communication between you and your partner successful, I would also assist you both to express and hear each other’s concerns in a way that that would be less threatening and easier to receive. Through observing the way you interact I may also bring your attention to some of the subtle ways that your relationship turns into conflict. Being able to step out of the subtle, but automatic patterns that take us into conflict, enables change to take place. Having awareness of what trigger these episodes, both within your partner and you, would be a crucial aspect of the therapy. Certain relational challenges occur because of unresolved past distresses, either within, or prior to the beginning of the relationship. If it is agreeable, we may explore these aspects and seek to find alternative ways of negotiating such situations in a way that would be more constructive for the relationship. However, my aim would always to give each person an equal footing in a manner that is impartial and non-judgemental. The couples counselling in Newport practice is conducted in a safe and private environment.

What next?

You may feel that you have exhausted all avenues of resolving your difficulties and you would like to see if couples counselling can help you. To engage in the therapy please do not hesitate to contact Christian so you can discuss the options and potentially arrange an appointment. 

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